A bubbly week in Terrazza Prosecco

In the week when Fuorisalone events go crazy in House of Mediterraneo, Terrazza Prosecco, the new landmark for design lovers, comes to life.


A brand new location for Salone del Mobile, but that is already full of events and happenings: it's our House of Mediterraneo, which, during the week when the Fuorisalone events go crazy, gives life to Terrazza Prosecco, the new reference point for design lovers who flock to Milan.

A number of events that was inaugurated by the special collection of goblets created by designer Giorgio Romairone inspired by the typical Venetian glass of the 1700s, the Tipetto, whose workmanship echoes that of historic Murano glass.


And incredible guests are expected to accompany these evenings: Emma Iovino, Dargen d'Amico, Roy Paci - but also chefs Federico Sisti and Tommaso Zoboli. A marriage of the arts, between food, music and design confirmed by the words of the President of the Prosecco DOC Consortium:

"The Terrazza Prosecco in House of Mediterraneo represents an important showcase for us in Milan, a dynamic and creative city where food, art, culture and entertainment come together to best interpret Italian excellence. And what better occasion than design week, to enliven the terrace with the renowned bubbles?"

Also important, then, are the partnerships: the Terrace will "dress" furnishings by Potocco, a Friuli-based company specializing in indoor and outdoor furnishings, as well as a special collaboration with Monkey47 gin, which owes its name to 47 botanicals and spices from various continents, and Royal Food Caviar, prized Italian caviar processed by hand and far from industrial logic.

In a few words: a ... bubbly week!


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