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Exploring The New Ukrainian Cuisine

It's exciting to travel to Ukraine, specifically to Kyiv, to discover the local cuisine and the chefs, as the country's gourmet aspirations are growing.
15 December 2021

The Chef’s Legacy: What will we leave to future generations?

Five great mentors answer to the question no one asks, structuring the rite of identity passage in the kitchen.

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24 January 2022

Meet Matilda Shnurova

Matilda Shnurova is a wonder woman with a sharp sense of aesthetic and a bold attitude toward risk taking.

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07 January 2022

Arso by Tommaso Tonioni: Contemporary Rituals

The last bites of the magical young chef between fire and sacrifice, planning the new Italian salumeria.

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11 December 2021

Connaught Bar Dominating With Italian Excellence, the Scene of the 50 Best Bars Over the Years.

Connaught Bar can be described as a finest expression of Italian excellence for those who are yet to be there.

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08 November 2021

Armenia, World of Undiscovered Treasures

Exploring a brand new country is like jumping into the fresh and cool waters of Armenia’s Lake Sevan: overwhelming but full of excitement.

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20 December 2021

Paco Morales, the story of a "extraordinaire" chef

One of Spain’s most progressive avant-garde chefs, has chosen to create his own unique world, inspired by the unprecedented glorious and unique times of Al-Andalus.

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04 October 2021

Treasure Island: Poul Andrias Ziska on Koks restaurant, the remote rural setting where local Faroe flavours amaze the world.

A remote area of the Faroe Islands is precisely the place young chef Paul Anders Ziska has chosen for his wonderful creations. Thanks to Faroese traditional techniques along with its bold approach, KOKS attracts fine diners from all over the world.

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