Food Ukraine

Bringing traditional Ukrainian cuisine to the world stage – meet esteemed chef and Odesa native Ksenia Amber

We met up with Ksenia just before her public speech in Milan at the Identità Golose congress
05 May 2022

Renowned Kherson chefs and a host of volunteers provide over 1000 hot meals every day

Alexander Shostak is one of the many Ukrainian chefs who have been forced to adapt to the new, never before imagined reality that his country has been enduring since 24th February.

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05 April 2022

Rene Redzepi

On Humanity, the Future, and How to Cook the Very Best Egg

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19 April 2022

Meet Mikhail Buchko, a Ukrainian chef who prepares 5,000 meals a day.

Chef of Mons Pius in Lviv, the first restaurant that chef Jose Andreas collaborated with in Ukraine

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20 March 2022

Going beyond recycling: Douglas McMaster, a zero-waste chef whose mission is to not recycle anything

Douglas McMaster is a chef with a rare vision. His ideas might not be novel, but his ability to make them a reality is extraordinary.

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05 April 2022

A one on one talk with Quique Dacosta

A chef with pivotal gastronomy relevance.

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28 April 2022

Ristorante Europa, the pop-up restaurant served by TUORLO

Imagine entering a restaurant and discovering the entire Europe in front of you. Ristorante Europa, the event created by Tuorlo Magazine on the occasion of Eurovision that celebrates the union between nations, will open in Turin from May 10 to 14.

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08 April 2022

Ángel León: The Poetry of the Sea

A dialogue with the revolutionary “Chef of the Sea” around marine grain, fish mortadella and the future of waters.

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25 March 2022

We're risking to face a serious food crisis

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will inevitably affect our everyday lives as well. We wanted to interview people trying to contain the consequences of a crucial war for agribusiness.

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02 March 2022

Coming back to the roots and dreams: Geranium has presented its new menu, and there is no meat from now on.

Last year, the Geranium restaurant stated that, after 11 years in business, it would change its menu so that no meat or meat products would be offered in the future; instead, it would be focusing solely on plant-based and seafood cuisine.

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04 March 2022

#StandForUkraine: We Are Topot

Topot expeditions through the Carpathian forest has brought together for the first time chefs from around the world.

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25 March 2022

Pavlo Servetnyk - I am not a soldier, I am a baker.

Right from the first day of war, Pavlo Servetnyk has decided to help people by doing what he knows how to do best - baking bread.

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