Top Vegetable-Forward Dishes Worth Trying

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The vegetable-forward mindset has been a prominent culinary trend for almost a decade, with restaurants around the world showcasing vegetables as the star of the plate, treating them with the same luxury as any other ingredient.

This year, according to Whole Foods’ 2024 food trend predictions, the emphasis on vegetables is expected to grow even more. The trend is shifting towards using actual plants such as mushrooms, walnuts, tempeh, and legumes in plant-based products, rather than relying on complex substitutes.

Reflecting on our culinary experiences this year, we have selected a few standout dishes where vegetables play the lead role, used with proper logic and respect, ensuring that their natural flavors are not overpowered by cooking styles or additional elements (where animal protein is included, it serves to complement, rather than dominate).

Lurra is a fine dining Michelin star restaurant in Kyoto, led by the chef Jacob Kear, who previously been woking at Noma. Its name means “the Earth” from the from the Basque. The restaurants has been recently been featured in the Netflix show 'Somebody Feed Phil' hosted by Phil Rosenthal.

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The sun-symbolizing plate painted with tahini, featuring seasonal mountain vegetables (Sansai) and seasonal vegetables from Kyoto roasted in a fire oven. Also, white asparagus covered in saffron Kimizu.

Restaurant Hisa Franko, awarded last September with third Michelin stat is a corner of tranquility surrounded by the natural beauty of the Soča Valley in Slovenia. Chef Ana Ros's kitchen imprinting the extra local terroir and the hard work of local artisans, accentuating it will the inspirations from her travels and audacious talent.


Autumn harvest dish with pumpkin, chestnut radicchio with roasted yeast cream.

Mil restaurant sitting 3,500 metres above sea level in the Andes mountains, was opened in 2018 byVirgilio Martinez, the chef behind Lima’s #1st restaurant in the world Central. Located in the Sacred Valley, twenty-three miles from Cuzco, Mil serves also as a research lab along with ultra local fine-dining venue.


Mil's renowned huatia-inspired course of baked potatoes, a sacred ceremony to thank Pachamama for a successful harvest.

The three Michelin starred restaurant Piazza Duomo, led by the Chef Enrico Crippa, is a true destination. The chef puts focus on vegetables, herbs, and flowers from his garden that counts over 400 plant species.


“Antipasto piemontese” by Piazza Duomo is a medley of winter vegetables, including cabbage, pumpkin, cauliflower, and spinach.

Milanese Motelombroso, an establishment on Naviglio Pavese has been transformed into a modern multi-purpose space featuring a restaurant helmed by the skilled Sardinian chef Nicola Bonora. Just a 20-minute drive from Milan’s centre, Motelombroso stands as an urban oasis, boasting some of the city’s most striking and imaginative designs.


For the autumn season Motelombroso offered grilled oyster mushroom steak with lemongrass and ginger sauce, from a menu dedicated to mushrooms.

Pujol is an unmissable spot in Mexico City, gained world fame, after being top-rated in the World's 50 Best list.


Pujol's signature dish is baby corn covered in mayonnaise made with chicatana ants, coffee, and chili.

RIJKS restaurant, led by the chef Joris Bijdendijk served the 'cuisine of the Low Countries' with dishes made from authentic Dutch products.



Signature dish is a millefeuille made of beetroot, beurre blanc elevated with Tomasu soy sauce, and fresh parsley oil (image Copyright 2022 Tomasu).

Restaurant Kadeau led by the chef Nikolai Kadeau, is inspired by the terroir and character of Bornholm island. Kadeau in Copenhagen was awarded its first Michelin star in 2014 and a second in 2016. The original Bornholm location also received a Michelin star in 2016, cementing the duo's reputation for excellence.

Their dish is from the Preservation Season, inspired by Bornholm’s summer and includes of stuffed preserved tomatoes, gooseberry, crab, japanese quince, elderflower and leek flowers. Ripe tomatoes have been dried and filled with some brown stone crab meat and green gooseberries have been canned in our garden honey and filled with japanese quince. ⁠


Koan in Copenhagen is a 2 Michelin starred restaurant using korean flavors and technics and managed by the chef Kristian Baumann. His Korean-inspired tasting menu is a result of a long journey toward himself, being a Korean- born and adopter later in denmark, ans its a truly personal, high level cuisine.


Their vegetable forward dish makes part of the tasting menu, it's a white kimchi made of kohlrabi with elderflower oil and herbs.

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