A Decade of Culinary Fusion: The Edo Kobayashi Group's Celebration of Cultural Collaboration

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Over the last decade, The Edo Kobayashi Group has been committed to bringing together Mexican and Japanese cultures through its unique culinary creations. With its first restaurant, Rokai, the group brought a sophisticated Japanese dining experience to Mexico City, an experience that would quickly prove to be incredibly popular. Building on this early accomplishment, the pioneering Edo Kobayashi Group expanded with quite remarkable speed and achieved a great deal of success, now boasting over 15 establishments, both in Mexico and the US.

To celebrate this successful culinary fusion, the group recently hosted a marvellous celebration, with prestigious chefs from both Mexico and Japan taking part in the event, to honour this collaboration of Mexican and Japanese culture.

The Japanese change-maker and pioneer in advocating for the valorization of farmers, Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa, is internationally known for promoting 'Satoyama Cuisine.' This term refers to gastronomy that is beneficial to both the body and spirit while being sustainable for the environment. His cooking represents a process of pursuing a natural way of life and experiencing the rhythm of shifting seasons. For the event, the chef showcased incredible dishes such as udon with Oaxaca tomatoes and ikura, precious Yamayuki tuna, and his signature tempura made from grouper with and served bottarga.

chef Yoshihiro Narisawa

chef Leo Narisawa

Criollo is one of the eight restaurants within the culinary empire of the world-famous chef Enrique Olvera, renowned for his earlier establishment, Pujol, in Mexico City. Enrique is often considered the chef who placed Mexican fine dining, and even Mexican cuisine, on the global culinary map. Luis Arellano, who is the head chef at the restaurant and hails from Oaxaca himself, executes at Criollo authentic dishes, showcasing famous mole sauces from Oaxaca and homemade tacos.

making of tamale

Criollo's tamale

chef Luis Arellano

Enrique Olvera and Jesús Durón of Pujol served a spectacular dish featuring octopus, cabbage, potatoes, and chorizo — a symphony of truly deep and bold flavors to remember


Enrique Olvera and Jesús Durón

From restaurant AT in Paris, Chef Atsushi Tanaka, renowned for his personal and profound seafood-forward cuisine, showcases unlimited creativity by weaving together Latin American inspirations, French techniques, and locally sourced produce, all influenced by his Japanese heritage and sensitivity. One of his favorite ingredients, slow-cooked abalone, was specially prepared for the event and was presented as utter tenderness, finished with chestnut and black garlic.

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