A sneak peek into the 'Golden Poppy' – a California love affair in the heart of Paris

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Embracing the Californian Spirit in the Romantic City of Paris

As the scorching summer of July approaches, the heart of Paris's 9th arrondissement pulsates with anticipation for the grand unveiling of the new hotel, La Fantasie. Nestled within its enticing premises is a dining treasure waiting to be explored - the Golden Poppy restaurant. This dazzling gem encapsulates the spirit and vibrant energy of sunny California, serving it up with panache in the romantic heart of Paris.

The Golden Poppy and other gastronomic outlets within the hotel are under the auspices of the renowned and beloved Dominique Crenn. She's a culinary icon who, until now, has never opened a restaurant outside of California and is the only woman in the US to hold three Michelin stars. This new venture is an ode to her unmatched dynamic energy and profound love for California, bringing a piece of the Golden State to the City of Light.

A Diverse Palette of Flavours that Resonate with the California Spirit

The Golden Poppy is a culinary playground where different influences converge to create an exciting blend of flavours. It's a place that encapsulates laughter, ease, and fun; all served up with Crenn's signature creativity. Patrons can savour diverse dishes like abalone tacos with sauerkraut kimchi and pineapple salsa or indulge in a whole dry-aged sea bream served in a salad wrap, accompanied by a host of exciting condiments. A highlight is the crispy rice with leche de tigre and anchovy, a dish that truly celebrates California's culinary melting pot.

The restaurant exudes an aura that is refreshingly unpretentious and free of unnecessary frills. The heart of the Golden Poppy is its bright, open kitchen, helmed by two of Crenn's young protégés brought in from the US. The inviting garden adjoining the dining area and a spacious, floral-decorated dining space bathed in natural light streaming in from the transparent ceiling make this eatery a truly enchanting place to be.

Dominique Crenn's frequent presence at the Golden Poppy's kitchen lends even more thrill to this unique dining experience. It's not just about eating out; it's about soaking in a mood, a flavour, and an attitude. The Golden Poppy promises a taste of California's vibrant spirit in every bite, right in the heart of Paris. It's an exciting gastronomic adventure, and the world watches with bated breath as its grand unveiling draws nearer.

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