Santa Marina: A Tranquil Mykonian Retreat Celebrating Mediterranean Bliss

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Nestled in splendid seclusion, Santa Marina Resort stands as a tranquil realm unto itself, perched high above the azure expanse of Ornos Bay, gracing the southwestern corner of the beguiling island of Mykonos.

Nearly half a century ago, the esteemed Greek visionary, renowned host, and aficionado of life's pleasures, Elias Papageorgiou, acquired this parcel of land adorned with a residence and an adjoining private peninsula. A solitary windmill, a quaint "pigeon house" which served as a guest abode, and a charming chapel constituted the sole inhabitants of this coastal haven. Enthralled by the palpable vitality of the island, he perceived its latent potential even before it transformed into a mecca for global revellers seeking both respite and exuberance. Elias aspired to transform Santa Marina into a sanctuary for cherished moments, personal delight, and shared camaraderie amongst his friends.

In subsequent years, this sanctuary metamorphosed into Elias' personal retreat and became a coveted venue for exclusive soirées and jubilant gatherings. Over time, the property underwent a graceful evolution, marked by adding new structures and enhancements, such as refined dining establishments, a rejuvenating spa, and inviting pools. Ultimately, Santa Marina became an integral facet of the illustrious Luxury Collection brand.

In our contemporary landscape, Elias' sole progeny, the graceful Christiana, perpetuates the legacy of this opulent familial estate, which emanates an aura of profound affection and ardour for the island itself—its untamed beauty, its resplendent sunsets that paint the heavens, and its matchless allure. Beyond her role as proprietor, Christiana embraces the mantle of an ardent mother to two daughters, both of whom share aspirations of inheriting this very domain, mirroring their mother's devotion. She is a guardian of her ancestral land and a stewardess deeply enamoured with its idyllic vistas. One night, her heart was stirred by a fervent conviction that spoke against excessive development and towering skyscrapers. Her sentiment resonated with the necessity to safeguard the organic essence of the terrain and to safeguard the very essence of their heritage.

Such is the character inherent to Santa Marina. This character permeates every facet of its existence—reflected in the genuine warmth with which the staff extends their hospitality, the artful modulation of music that accompanies your journey, the vibrant array of hues that adorn the surroundings, and the meticulously crafted menus, each paying homage to the bounty of local seafood. Every element resonates with an unwavering commitment to preserving the land's intrinsic splendour and a fervent zeal to reveal an alternative facet of Mykonos, one that transcends the raucous dawn parties and the inundation of tourists.

Santa Marina's private beach is a highly esteemed attribute of the property, providing a sanctuary of serenity, a stark contrast to the island's vibrant dynamism. Conversely, the sophisticated Buddha-Bar infuses an element of festivity to your nocturnal escapades, set against the captivating panorama of the sea.

In 2021, Mykonos Social made its debut, appointing the esteemed British chef Jason Atherton to spearhead the culinary operations. The gastronomic experience revolves around a degustation menu, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean.

Atherton's culinary odyssey is augmented by his tenure under the tutelage of renowned culinary maestros such as Pierre Koffmann, Marco Pierre White, and Ferran Adria at El Bulli. His most significant endeavor commenced when he became associated with The Gordon Ramsay Group in 2001, spearheading the launch of the prestigious Mayfair restaurant, Maze. The instantaneous success of Maze catalyzed the launch of five additional branches globally, including locales such as Prague, Dubai, and New York.

Mykonos Social is the latest addition to Atherton's illustrious portfolio, which now encompasses establishments like Little Social in Mayfair, Social Eating House in Soho, and Commune Social in Shanghai.

In Mykonos, Atherton does not aspire to craft purely Hellenic cuisine or cater to every request that might insinuate luxury commodities. Instead, he places his faith in simplicity and technique. The focus is on the flavors and comfort inherent in Mediterranean cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and produce from local purveyors, all amplified with Atherton's refined touches.

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