Exquisite Vegetal Vision: A Tribute to Ricard Camarena

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In the vibrant, sun-drenched heart of Valencia, gastronomic mastery converges with a fervent passion for agricultural wonder. This radiant Spanish city, awash with a zestful spirit, bore witness to a dining encounter that paid homage to the mesmerising artistry of Ricard Camarena. A culinary maestro graced with two gleaming Michelin stars, Camarena has achieved acclaim amongst his esteemed fraternity, lauded for his unbending culinary ethos and deep-seated reverence for the vegetable kingdom. This singular dining episode marked yet another sojourn to his acclaimed establishment, a sanctuary where the humble vegetable ascends to unrivalled prominence.


Our culinary pilgrimage began in June amid the languid warmth of Valencian summer. Enthralled by our prior experiences, we joyfully returned to the Ricard Camarena Restaurant, a veritable altar to the Michelin-starred chef’s unwavering culinary vision. His ardent dedication to championing the vegetable kingdom is profound, forever striving to extract the most extraordinary value from nature’s bounty. His philosophy necessitates utilising the entirety of the produce, embracing its varying stages of maturity, and celebrating its nuanced flavours. Nothing is ever cast aside in his kitchen; the overripe vegetable finds itself repurposed, ensuring a complete and respectful consumption of each precious resource.

The ceremonial commencement of our meal unfolded traditionally at the chef’s counter. Here, under Camarena’s skilled gaze, the marriage of decadent umami flavours with the carob-cured Mediterranean bluefin tuna delicately unfolded. A singular event occurred when Camarena, with a touch of dramatic flair, served a tender baby cucumber, still adorned with its blossoming flower, plucked fresh from his garden. From this moment forth, vegetables took centre stage, casting a vibrant, nutrient-rich spotlight across the entire menu.

6 month carob-cured Mediterranean bluefin tuna


In Camarena’s culinary theatre, the hierarchy of ingredients is refreshingly levelled. Seafood and caviar, often the crowned jewels of other gastronomic spectacles, are offered no more importance than the verdant array of vegetables gracing each dish. This equilibrium of culinary elements stems from an overarching sensitivity, inflexible values, and the nimble adaptability of a mind forever curious.

Camarena finds inspiration in the most unexpected elements - the gnarled stump, the whispering leaf, an audacious root, or the subtle transformations within ripening stages. As he aptly states, “The vegetables dictate the menu; we adapt to it, not the other way around.”

Catalonian coca bread with pickled green tomato

Tomatoes confit in sheep's butter and fresh herbs

This enlightening expedition into Ricard Camarena’s vegetable-centric universe was a sublime testament to his commitment to honouring the earth’s natural treasures. Our third visit to this renowned Valencia restaurant affirmed its status as a radiant beacon of innovative culinary expression.

Through his craftsmanship, Camarena ensured that our palates danced with pleasure, our minds were challenged, and our respect for the potential of vegetables grew immeasurably.

His vision—elegant, thoughtful, and infinitely sustainable—is the essence of culinary poetry, one that will continue to beckon us back to his table time and time again.

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